I am running for the Board of Commissioners of the Anastasia Mosquito Control District (AMCD) in the November 8, 2022 General Election.  In running for the AMCD Board, my goal is to reestablish transparency and accountability in our local government and to refocus the AMCD on what it was chartered to do—improving the quality of life for residents and visitors of the County by controlling and monitoring the mosquito population in St. Johns County. 

I hope to use my business and health research experience to support fiscally responsible mosquito control measures in the District. There are millions of dollars that go through the district and the residents of our county deserve someone who will be a steward of their tax dollars.

I look forward to meeting as many of our St. Johns county residents as possible as I engage in this journey. I look forward to earning your support.

– Martha Gleason

Reestablishing Transparency


Accountability in Government

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Let's return AMCD to controlling mosquitoes


The Anastasia Mosquito Control Board (AMCD) needs to be more transparent with St. Johns County (SJC) residents on the use of tax payer dollars, involvement in resarch and all investment decisions that will impact our residents.


The AMCD Board of Commissioners is not a rubber stamp, they are to represent the voices of SJC residents and ensure that Administration activities are conducted in accordance with the Charter & Mission of the AMCD.

Fiscal Responsibility

The AMCD Board needs to ensure that they are being stewards of the SJC tax payer funds and that all spending is for the express benefit of SJC residents.

I'm a Cuban-American (legally immigrated to the US in 1969) and life-long conservative. My first Presidential election I was honored to vote for Ronald Reagan. I'm a Mother to two daughters, grand mother to two beautiful grand children and wife of 36 years to my husband Doug Gleason. I have two beautiful Boston Terriers, Magnum and Kai Lani & a Lapso Apso named Hana.

I'm running because of what I see happening to this great nation. The "Shiny City on the Hill" is being destroyed from within by the radical.  I fear if this nation falls into socialism/communism, the last hope for humanity will forever be lost.

Martha is an example of the “American Dream.” She and her mother fled communist Cuba in 1969. Her parents legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her a love for America. ​

About Me

Martha is a mother, grandmother, wife, and a proud naturalized US Citizen. She is an example of the “American Dream.”  She and her mother fled communist Cuba in 1969. They spent two years in this great nation before her father was able to join them. Her parents legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her a love for America. 

Martha grew up in New York City growing up in a working-class household that emphasized the values of hard work, education, and love of country. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from College of Mount Saint Vincent and a Master’s in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

She has over 30-years of business experience working for some of the largest companies in the country. She has also built a successful healthcare focused strategy and market research business and understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. She has also served as mentor and advisor to healthcare focused start-up organizations helping others make their dream of business ownership a reality.

Martha is the current Vice President of the St. Johns Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida. She is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Chair of the Board of Trustees of Competitive Intelligence, and a former board member of the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center.

My Post-83

To kill mosquitos and monitor illness.

66 out of 67 Florida counties have a mosquito control board. 

Yes, the mosquito control board is a taxing authority. Therefore, it can raise your property taxes.

The Anastasia Mosquito Control District (AMCD) started its humble beginnings in 1948.  The District was formed from the desire of the people of Anastasia Island to live mosquito free deciding to tax themselves to provide funds for a mosquito control program. In 1949, AMCD began to take action against the mosquitoes that inhabited the Anastasia Island. In the beginning, AMCD controlled mosquitoes only on a small portion of Anastasia Island (17 square miles.), and now AMCD provides services to the entire 609 square miles of St. Johns County.



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